Thursday, January 31

This is my hair color. I do not like it. I miss being a red head. Ashley Simpson's hair color...i want that one...le sigh

Today, was a good day. I started out with my meeting with the Honors lady, and though I wont graduate with Honors, I'll graduate with (at least) cum laude and 1 publication. Not too shabby. I'll present at the Undergrad Symposium in Fall at ASU (mainly to save on tuition and so my parents can come see and be super DUPER proud. Then I had organic, where I'm finally getting it. And then...I went to an awesomely fun Prey/Predator Foraging and Mating lab. This is my partner, collecting tennis balls in order to use her clicker to find a mate. Where she skipped in a circle three times singing "Ring Around The Rosie". She was the mating beast. The most offspring (the average number of each mate's collected balls) and the most individual amount of food gathered was all her. Tres awesome.

Debate tonite. I'm interested. ALSO HI KISH! and if you read this, comment so I know. It makes me want to post more. :) and I like it!

Wednesday, January 30

This is Lily. She's quite stinky at the moment, very..well..gassy. Quite disturbing.

I had a rough day today, and I'm torn between feeling like I'm a failure because I might not graduate with Honors (only Cum Laude) and feeling like I should be super duper proud of myself because I'm from a very poor family and I've got a 3.1GPA at a major university, in a difficult major. Eh. I'm not getting any crafting done, mostly because I'm kind of angst-y at the moment, but I have some swaps coming up soon, so I have no real choice. It's...tough.

<3 t

Saturday, January 26

wow. im bad at updating this thing already. maybe i'll get better :(

Monday, January 21

Monday, January 14

Hello World!

Well, it's official. I started my crafty-pic taking-daily source of "look at what I see" blog. I'll stay on livejournal for a while, for actual "writing" about stuff, but this is where I'm going to post all my craftastic endeavors, the swap packages, and my most exciting endeavor: a daily photo blog. Just a little picture about something I saw, something I did, etc.

See you around :)