Sunday, September 6

Summer Update ; In pictures!

Lets update the summer...the happy parts. Pictures are happy too. So, here ya go.

Today, I found a puppy I want. A schnoodle, schnauzer and poodle. AND ADORABLE

Brooke found "the dress"

And decided on bridesmaid colors. Dark Purple for the maid of honor, the light purple for the bridesmaids.

Oi is spoiled, sits with me.
Molly brought over her dog...I want one, perhaps a yorkie.
I dyed my hair... "before" hair color

We went to the Museum of Life and Science...
Mom and Dad had fun too.

I threw a baby shower for BJ and Val.

Jess's cat Zuri had a kitten, she's adorable.

My absolutely favorite foods:
we had a nifty 4th of july celebration. i made a cake.

Oi and Ozzy got new, I mean, I got glofish. They enjoy them

Oi constantly gets dressed up:

and there ya go :)

Friday, September 4