Sunday, December 28


A lil comparison between MY hometown of Clifton, NC and Steve's hometown of Berkeley, NJ.

Clifton is 54.49 sq miles.
Berkeley is 55.8 sq miles. Steve also mentioned that he lives in the 'rural/low population' part of Berkeley.

Close enough in size right?

Clifton has 1,635 people.
Berkeley has 42,664 people.

Look at the two pictures below from Google Earth that show an overhead satellite photo.
Clifton first- in case you didnt figure that out.

Now I know why his dad was so impressed by the lack of people.

Sunday, November 30

go to

to see ALL THE THANKSGIVING PICTURES! My blog isnt working right and wont let me upload any mor than I already have.

so click this ---->>> to see ALL my webshots photos

or this to only see the thanksgiving pictures :


Mom and Dad Came to Visit over Thanksgiving!! We went to the museums and theres a bunch of pictures. The first set, I took, the 2nd set, Mom took. Not alot more words, just pictures!

Like always, they're clickable - if you want the full size!!

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Sunday, July 20

This is Oi. Who is really named Fitzroy, and old english name meaning son of the king. He's 3 months old and at the moment has hurt his paw from trying to jump too much.

This is Ozzy, which is short for Ozymandias (another name for Ramses II ) He's a beautiful Burmin cat who was a show cat until he was abandoned and shipped to the SPCA. 2.5 yrs old and isnt aware he's not a kitten still.

Tuesday, July 1

Happy List Additions

Sour Cream and Fritos. Yummmy
Drinking silly simple drinks out of fancy glasses.
Baseball tshirts
HSN and QVC.

Friday, June 27

New favorite pic of myself:

let see...long time. Sorry :(

Here's a quick shot of me and my mama and daddy at a scholarship dinner recently. Ain't we CCCCCCCCUTE?! I'm heading home soon to visit the fam and I could NOT be more excited! I love going home, and I had better get tons of super cute bragable pictures of all the bubbies! You can check back here to see how that's going!

Steve and I just got back from Jersey. His lil sister Kari (her burfday is the day before mine!) graduated from HS. They graduated 360 kids. That's astounding! I think we graduated a little over 100. We stayed a couple days and hung out with his friends and family, his grandpa and grandma came up to visit for her graduation. Good time, dontcha know. I slacked off taking pictures..I have lately at least. Quite Sad.

Here's a quick shot of Steve/Kari's Dad, Kari, Steve and their grandpa. Family resemblence? I think so.

One thing I have been doing successfully is planting up me some herbs! I have cilantro, dill, curled parsley and chives so far. The wee little pics below are my glowing babies. I am going to repot them soon, and get some more growing! YAY!

By the way: still supporting barack obama, cute pic of steve and I at the rally!

Thursday, June 19

Pics for mom

These were the pics I was telling you about... heartbreaking.

Tuesday, April 29

Auto Response from flips4fun86: flips4fun86: You know you're a real nerd when your Spam is "Custom Peptide Synthesis 10% Discount"

: haha..its ok, i got one asking if my protein folding was satisfying enough for my gf..I did not get offered a discount however.

Thursday, April 24

My Happy List

I havent made a Happy List since my time at NCSSM. It used to be all the rage to do in your AIM profile. Theres the obvious stuff, but Happy lists were always different random things..As I was driving in my car today, something made me giggle and I decided it was time to bring back my happy list. I plan on continuing to add to it, and I want to keep printing it off to put in my here goes, if you read this, lemme know what yours are! :)

So, My happy list:
  • Turning the AC on high and aiming it at my face while singing so I can feel the WIND IN MY HAIR!
  • The first fresh page in a brand new notebook. Full of hope and promise and soon sullied :(
  • Opening a new jar of peanut butter and making a design with my knife
  • baby animal pictures, specfially in LOLCAT form.
  • fabric stores
  • quacking (just the noise...makes me giggle)
  • planning my world travels!

Saturday, April 19


This is where Tito, Steve and I will be living next year. :) We move in May 17th.

Sunday, April 6

Busy Times a Comin

April 7: BCH exam
April 8th: Micro quiz,
April 11: term paper due

April 14: BCH Presentation

April 15: Lab practical, unknown paper due, ORGO quiz.
April 18: GN exam
April 21: work article due.
April 26: Bon's party
April 28: BCH final
April 30: GN Final.

May 1: Chem final
May 5: ZO Final
May 6: Dental Issues
May 7-9 recovering from Dental Issues.

May 10: amanda and emily gradumacate (as do all my BCH peeps!)

May 11: Mommy's Day!
May 12-16th: F Low Rida with my chicks
May 17-18: Movin into my super new digs
May 19th, Summer Classes Start.
May 23rd, It's my birthday! (and we gonna party like it!)

thats sans, homework, ZO lab papers, craft deadlines, etc. I'll make a final one this week, because it makes me feel good to mark em off, and I really want to make sure we get the apartment!

Happy Birfday Kaykay

Dear (baby?!) Kay Kay,

I dont know how you grew from the teeny baby on the left, to the bottle of 'tude that never ever ceases to entertain on the right. I'm super proud of you munchkin, glad to have my own protege, and cant wait to see what you get into. Love you, your aunt Terri.

Sunday, March 30

Money Money Money Money!

My mom and dad gave me some money's for easter..soo, I bought the collection above. It's gorgeous. I also finished buying groceries or a few weeks and filled up my tank (hopefully that'll last for a while!) Take Rent/TWC out of the equation, and I'm back to being tight for extra cash. There's wiggle room for some crafty-endeavors. Luckily.

This week is going to be crazy, absolutely insane. I have 4 exams and 2 papers this week. I'm also PMSsing :( Not looking forward to this one. We're all going on vacay early May, before amanda and em and bon move far away, so that should be exciting. Then summer classes start (WAHHOOO there) I should be finished in the lab by mid/late May, so then I can have a real job and make real money. It'll be NICE!.

Im done procrastinating...not really. Im going to sit on my butt for a bit.

Monday, March 10

today's question

in a swap a bit ago, I received a "dear blog" heart with lots of little prompts in it..and tonite, im gonna start doing some of them. so, tonite i drew out :
if your house caught on fire, what would you take with you?
i'm going to assume that its my twnhouse. Obviously, I would grab my purse with my wallet in it, and my computer. My computer because it has all my pictures and songs on it, my journals, papers and work from the last 4 years. I would also grab as many of my turtles as I could, plus the jewelry that really means alot to me - my turtle necklaces from my parents, the daughter necklace, etc. I would grab my shot glasses, as they mark all the places i've visited, and if i still had time, my sewing machine and the boxes with my swap packages and crafting supplies.

Its really weird that I drew that one. Last night I had a dream that I was at home and my family got a phone call that the family property on top of the mtn, (they should know what im talking about) was burning and we needed to get up there. When we got there, there was a trailor on the property burning, but the house itself, gorgeous and lovely and everything I remember it as, had yet to be touched. After seeing some friends of mine and playing with their super fat kitten (I called it a rolypoly) I ran into the house and started grabbing pictures. I remember mom and dad asking why Im doing it and I told them that the house was going to burn and I had to save the pictures...when I woke up, I was crying. Crying because I couldnt save all the pictures before I was woken up or woke myself up...that house burned when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade I think...

I have no idea why it was in my mind last night.

Saturday, March 8


I got an IYP package on saturday and this is just one of the goodies per say..i love her poly clay creations, they all look so yummy and wonderful. She also sent some arm warmers, a GORGEOUS rose tea candle holder, some awesomely cute mini microbes and a supersweet letter. I'll post some more pics in a bit...

Wednesday, March 5

I love New York. Steve and I had this taken on the TOP OF THE ROCK(erfellar center). It's really NY behind us, not a picture. I'm uploading some pics from the trip but I wanted to put them on a sepeate blog, which will now be used for any and all trips that I take.

The new "TRIP BLOG" is going to be awesome, and it's chock full of pics. (ps. click on TRIP BLOG and it'll take you right to it)

Monday, February 25

I am my father's daughter

My dad is incredibly accident prone. If there is a nail, log, sharp surface or splinter nearby, he will cut, stab, jab, bruise or bump himself. I am the same way..but I like to add burns to my list. I can count 4 in the last year..from the Iron on my wrist, the rice cooker on my upper arm, the motorbike on my calf and my newest "I shouldnt be allowed to cook" scar: my oven eye PINKY!