Thursday, April 24

My Happy List

I havent made a Happy List since my time at NCSSM. It used to be all the rage to do in your AIM profile. Theres the obvious stuff, but Happy lists were always different random things..As I was driving in my car today, something made me giggle and I decided it was time to bring back my happy list. I plan on continuing to add to it, and I want to keep printing it off to put in my here goes, if you read this, lemme know what yours are! :)

So, My happy list:
  • Turning the AC on high and aiming it at my face while singing so I can feel the WIND IN MY HAIR!
  • The first fresh page in a brand new notebook. Full of hope and promise and soon sullied :(
  • Opening a new jar of peanut butter and making a design with my knife
  • baby animal pictures, specfially in LOLCAT form.
  • fabric stores
  • quacking (just the noise...makes me giggle)
  • planning my world travels!


  1. I've never seen a happy list before! You've inspired me though and I started a happy list too :) Mine's in a blog on my myspace page though.

    of the Ghost Hunters Swap ;0)

  2. Natural bodily functions are quite satisfying, as is scultping turtles and casting them in bronze.
    Ironically, a phrase from my home country 'getting the turtle's head' sort of ties both in quite nicely.