Monday, July 12


I often find myself watching these shows where they make rooms over to "lift your mood." Which, lately, has me wondering if they work. ... 

would I be brilliantly happy if my bathroom looked like this:   
the answer, is most likely not. I can't help but have an undying urge to redecorate. Whever life gets difficult or I get stressed out or really anything "changes," the urge to redecorate attacks. I've managed to keep the same bed comforter and pillow cases since I was in college. I got them from Target and I love the rich purple and how comfy they are. I adore them. However, lately, I've gotten the urge to upgrade to a larger bed, and to  because, it looks so luxurious and magical. I think it's a girl thing...I spent some time Sunday night with Brooke, Valerie and BJ (plus baby monkey) at Target and of course the three girls spent WAY to much time staring at the lovely bed, bath and kitchen decor, because it's what we do..then we stared at wall art. After that, I went and helped a friend paint her bedroom. I've thought about painting and calling it a day, but I'm ready to leave this apartment and I dont feel like putting the effort into painting, just to primer over it in a month or two. 

Who knows, maybe I'm missing a huge chunk of happiness, but, well, I cant afford to redecorate everytime I get the blues.