Monday, May 31

Fail Blog

Yes, I fail at blogging every day. F A I L.

I will try to put more stuff on my tumblr.    CLICK ME HERE NOW

The past few weeks have been highs. I'll do my best to recap things shortly? Hopefully.

Sunday, May 16

 In addition to being a good beginning on my "post something i've photographed each day," on my 101 list, this picture seems to be a driving force lately.

I've decided its time to a change. I'm looking around, letting things swirl through my head. It's nerve wrecking, exciting, and I don't know where it'll go.

Today was a lazy day. I read alot. Thought, alot, and decided to actually make the changes I've been needed.

We'll see.

Saturday, May 15

101 Things in 1001 Days

I originally saw this on  Kelly's Blog and loved the idea. It makes me feel like I have a goal, and I can work much harder with, without further adieu. 

101 Things in 1001 Days: 
Start Date : May 15, 2010      End Date: Feb 09, 2013

As they get finished, I'll strikethrough and keep updating the blog to link back to the goal. 

DIY Goddess
1. make a quilt
2. complete 33 crafty/DIY projects from online
3. buy a button maker
4. buy 10 handmade things
5. learn embroidery, and embroider myself something awesome
6. make my own artwork for each room 
7. get a very fancy-pants coloring book, and color it in, slowly and beautifully
8. organize my jewelry and display it gorgeously
9. learn to use my candy making kit
10. plant an outdoor patio garden

 What I See. 
11. take a class with my digicam and take awesome photos
12. buy an SLR and take classes with it
13. do a "day in the life" post
14. post one picture I take everyday
15. do a "whats in my bag" blogpost, bi-monthly
16. reach 25 followers on my blog
17. post an "outfit of the day" photo, once a month

spend more time with people i adore
18. have a wine tasting party
19. have a glee-athon with brooke
20. go on a ghost hunt
21. send granny a handwritten letter
22. go on a real picnic, with picnic basket
            23. throw a costume party, a big one..
24. host a yuppy dress up dinner party
25. send real birthday and christmas cards
            26. go somewhere special with my mom, for a trip. far away
            27. reunite with the fourple

See the Sights
28. go to france OR italy OR australia
29. go back to NYC
30. go back to DC
31. visit coney island and take TONS of photos
32. travel somewhere by myself, ALL ALONE, including the flight
33. go to vegas
34. see a broadway show, on broadway, with decent seats
35. drive down the NC coast, hitting every lighthouse along the way
36. go to the ballet
37. go to IKEA and buy way to much.
38. go camping outside NC
39. visit canada again
40. go to 5 museums in different cities
41. go sailing/ boating
42. go to an amusement park and ride all the coasters

Act like a big kid. 
            43. buy my own house
44. set a schedule of when to do things (cleaning and bill paying, etc) and STICK  TO IT, for two months
45. style my hair and do my makeup every work day for 3 weeks
46. get over my fear of being alone
47. wear dresses every weekend day all summer long
48. do the full face/teeth routine everyday for a month
49. workout at least 5 days a week
50. find and attend a yoga class once a week. 
51. clean and fix my car
52. pay off my debts
53. start a 401K
54. get a new wardrobe, to dress like an adult
55. go back to grad school
56. give blood
57. save 3 months of expenses. 
58. buy a wonderful little black dress

remember to be young at heart 
59. learn to ride a motorcycle
60. buy a motorcycle
61. ride an innertube down a river
62. go bungee jumping
63. go skydiving
64. ride a zipline
65. get a new tattoo
66. listen to killer queen while drinking Moet Et Chandon
67. learn to love my PS3
68. get a massage every 6 weeks
69. dance in the rain

Be a more well-rounded me. 
          70. get proficient at shooting a 40cal
          71. be able to do 25pushups in a row
           72. buy a piggy bank and put at LEAST $2 in change in for every completed task. 
             73. be in a boudoir shoot
          74. find 33 things about myself that I love. 
75. get a tan, a nice tan, not a "im a pale irish girl burn"
76. have a hammock and drink sweet tea while swinging in the breeze
          77. run a 5K
78. get a dog
79. take pole dancing classes
80. take ballet dancing classes
81. drink dom perignon
82. read 5 nonfiction books
83. learn a new language, enough to be able to converse in that country
84. read 5 fiction books
85. say nothing negative for an entire week. 

be a happy homemaker
86. clean the boxes of clutter out of my apartment
87. complete apartment therapy
88. spend an entire week eating nothing but my own cooking
89. hang artwork that is inspiring and relaxing in every room in the apartment
90. bake at least 1 pie/cupcake/etc each month, from scratch
91. cook and host thanksgiving at my house, with a sit-down dinner spread
92. get in the habit to take my own lunch to work at least 3 days a week
93. cook with my own kitchen counter-top  herb garden
94. find a way to dispose of nasty cat litter, eliminating plastic bags
95. go through the magazines, collect the articles that are worthwhile, and throw the bulk away
96. upload and organize the files on my old laptop
97. buy a queen size bed and luxurious sheets/ covers
98. paint my apartment walls a NOT horrid Primer white
99. donate the old appliances and clothes I don't use. 
100. make my fishtank super awesome
101. fill my bookshelves with beautiful thirsted books

Check back here, and keep me on task. :D