Monday, February 25

I am my father's daughter

My dad is incredibly accident prone. If there is a nail, log, sharp surface or splinter nearby, he will cut, stab, jab, bruise or bump himself. I am the same way..but I like to add burns to my list. I can count 4 in the last year..from the Iron on my wrist, the rice cooker on my upper arm, the motorbike on my calf and my newest "I shouldnt be allowed to cook" scar: my oven eye PINKY!


Sunday, February 24

Friday, February 22

Monday, February 18

Case of the Mondays

it's true. I'm having a horrible day.

i forgot my breakfast. i forgot my lunch. i hate bad tasting chips from the machine to make my stomach stop growling. my ipod died. i ALMOST missed the bus. i have an exam tomorrow. i have to work tonite.

Sunday, February 17

The Valentines Day Story.

Jersey peoples are up this weekend, they evidently have Monday off, and I am quite bitter I do not. We met them last night for breakfast (yes, I said that right) then we had Hardees today. Steve and I hung out, watched the Obama/Clinton speeches in Wisconsin and he went off to play Monopoly with them.
Why Terri, you ask, why did you not go play Monopoly with them? Well, you see, I dont like real Monopoly rules. I've never played with them..(You can ask me about my monopoly rules sometime if you like, but it involves trading favors for safety, making additional houses/hotels out of candy, making additional money out of paper and all around crazyness)

Ok, so, valentines day: Steve-o normally has to work until 10pm, so when he told me the earliest he would try to squeeze out was 9:30, I was sad, but could deal. Around 8:30 he calls, tells me he's running behind and can't make it till later than even normal. Yea, I started tearing up, said ok, and hung up. I was really upset because I was convinced he had completely forgot and would show up with something lame to try to recover. Sorry, I know it's bad to admit it, but I dont have very many good holiday experiences, much less good valentines day ones. Anyway, I hear someone knocking at the door, and I have no idea who it is because Steve isnt supposed to be there for HOURS, so I ignore it. It didnt go away. I go down to answer the door and BOOM, there he is. Bouquet in hand...I promise to take better pictures of those soon.

I started crying, after I hit him for messing with my head, and after some reassurance it was a happy cry, we went upstairs. I bought him some wine glasses, a meat thermometer and some nice shirts to wear to work, so he opened those, and I saw alot of the face to the right. They fit well, and looked really good on him, so I was happy. Then, he took me downstairs and made it even better. What goes with flowers on Valentines Day? Chocolate of course, and why would MY steve go for regular sized chocolates, when he could get Sam's Club sized chocolates. Yeah, they're bigger than his head. We've been eating on the Reese Cup easter eggs for a while now, and well, you cant tell it at all. Though when they're gone, I'm going to be really sad... He whisked me off to dinner at the Draft House, where we had good food, horrible beer and a really sweet night. Tomorrow, he's taking me to the Mongolian Grill here in Raleigh as a nicer-Vday dinner.

I almost forgot, my mom and dad got me this ADORABLE key holder, thats turtles...duh, and a really sweet bag that I've carried all week, that I'll have to take a picture of, but it's late, and I am tres tired. So, bye bye y'all.

Friday, February 15

Valentines Day was Wonderful
It was by far the best one I have ever had with a significant other.

Sunday, February 10

Gone Home

I plan on this post being incredibly picture heavy. Im not sorry. The pictures are adorable. This is Dane. He is the newest Miller. I adore the little bugger more than life itself. He is super duper cute and sweet and lovely. A little orange, silly jaundice, but he'll be just fine soon. He was pretty happy most of the time we were there, a few fussyies, but nothing major.

I also got to see coco, Dane's big sissy. Seen here with mama and her wand/dinosaur. She always likes to play with me, show me all her room and it's gloriousness (seriously Go Tina Go!) And her daddy likes to pick on her so much and she can cry with the best of them. She's the oldest, and the one closest to my birthday (2 days later). So I'm super duper excited to get to see her.

Im always incapable of making decent faces in pictures, Steve likes to take them when I am talking to the baby or picking on them...As seen here. Which could be adorable and gorgeous and glorious..instead I look like I'm debating eating his head.

The ride back was rather eventful, we were stuck in traffic on 40 for 1.5 hours or more, only to be turned around and directed back the opposite way because of a down power line. .Completely lost, we stopped into a rest stop (and because I have a small teeny bladder) and I found this gem. Rap Chips: Stay In School: and make sure you check out the flavor. Though this is after an interesting photo session in the car.

BONUS PICTURES: My super wonderful baby Caden, these are low quality and from Christmas, but I love them.

My Favorite Superbowl Commericals.

I mostly only posted these, so I can watch them whenever I want :)

Saturday, February 9

It's Over

This week was rough. Painfully rough. No new pictures, i'm sorry, but im going to go see the baby tomorrow, so I'll have a bunch next time I post! I gave this site to my family so they can read it, and well, I'm kind of glad I did. I dont really want to write about sad struggles or anything, because I dont want to worry them, but maybe we'll both learn from it?

I had enough exams and quizzes to die now, but I'm thinking about taking the GRE next semester.
Mainly so that when I do go back to school I wont have to take it. I'm really..just not in the mood to write. Crazy, I know...but, maybe one day.

Tuesday, February 5

just wanna say: HI MOM!

Monday, February 4

Bruno vs Carrie Ann.

<--- This is my give-blood-looklikeadruggie-bruise. It's still really sore.

On to Bruno/Carrie Ann: Dance Wars
I cant help it. I love this show. Bruno is so viscious, and it reminds me of all the choreographers and dance instructors I've worked for and under. Dance shows are my guilty pleasure, more than reality tv. I heart my ANTM and my VH1 reality, but Dancing with the stars and NOW Dance Wars, gah..glory.

Reminds me of being little and watching FAME and wanting to dance more than anything else ever. I cant say I have the same burning passion for genetics or crafting, but their both pretty hot as opposed to red hot.

Webassign is not happy with me, and it wont open on IE, which is the only one I can open the JME editor on. Stupid thing. I'll get it. I just also have dinner to make, and I want to get through ALL of my notes for BCH tonite and make them into smaller flash papers.

I neeeeeeeeeeed bonding time with my sewing machine like woah. I have a super secret plan to put into place as soon as this week is over. So, yesh. I'm done for tonite.

- FAVORITE COMMERICAL REPORT: What is love pepsi Max: I sing and giggle everytime. It's sad, but yes, I would drink Pepsi max BECAUSE of the commercial...

Sunday, February 3

commerical update

  • sobe lifewater + thriller = wonderful
  • im going to make you worry about your kids drug problems = not suited for superbowl viewing...but thanks
  • you can be better and do better commercials = shiny happy feelings
  • american idol: i avoid you for a reason, get away from my football!


I absolutely love the new Diet Pepsi Max commercial. Sorry, that was just the first thing on my mind. Actually, scratch that, I LOVE the superbowl commericials.

I took a picture of the wicked bruise I have on my arm, but it doesnt show quite how hideous it is. I went to the doctor on Friday to try to figure out the cause of my ever present headache. Blood and urine tests later, they told me to sleep more, and wake up regularly. I get 6-7 hours a night...that's with me being slacker. My roommate has the flu, however, so hopefully I can avoid that one. I dont like/need/want to be sick. Other than that, Friday and Saturday were uneventful.

Last night we went out with Sarah and Austin and Daniel and we started out at Around the Corner. It was nice, I got a long island ice tea (mine was stronger and a doller cheaper than the LIIT that Steve got 2 minutes before me.) Sarah2 and her friend Autumn showed up at ATC and we moved on to Napertandys. The boys took a car bomb and a couple guinness and shared a snake bite, and I had a newcastle and -some- of a snakebite and some fries. On the way home, the guys decided to howl at the Moon Tower (we at State call it the Bell Tower =-p) and give me directions to Daniels house. They were wrong, and involved Capital Blvd....yeah.

Superbowl time. Steve's making up some nachos, and I'm gonna go make some brownies.