Sunday, February 10

Gone Home

I plan on this post being incredibly picture heavy. Im not sorry. The pictures are adorable. This is Dane. He is the newest Miller. I adore the little bugger more than life itself. He is super duper cute and sweet and lovely. A little orange, silly jaundice, but he'll be just fine soon. He was pretty happy most of the time we were there, a few fussyies, but nothing major.

I also got to see coco, Dane's big sissy. Seen here with mama and her wand/dinosaur. She always likes to play with me, show me all her room and it's gloriousness (seriously Go Tina Go!) And her daddy likes to pick on her so much and she can cry with the best of them. She's the oldest, and the one closest to my birthday (2 days later). So I'm super duper excited to get to see her.

Im always incapable of making decent faces in pictures, Steve likes to take them when I am talking to the baby or picking on them...As seen here. Which could be adorable and gorgeous and glorious..instead I look like I'm debating eating his head.

The ride back was rather eventful, we were stuck in traffic on 40 for 1.5 hours or more, only to be turned around and directed back the opposite way because of a down power line. .Completely lost, we stopped into a rest stop (and because I have a small teeny bladder) and I found this gem. Rap Chips: Stay In School: and make sure you check out the flavor. Though this is after an interesting photo session in the car.

BONUS PICTURES: My super wonderful baby Caden, these are low quality and from Christmas, but I love them.

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