Sunday, February 3


I absolutely love the new Diet Pepsi Max commercial. Sorry, that was just the first thing on my mind. Actually, scratch that, I LOVE the superbowl commericials.

I took a picture of the wicked bruise I have on my arm, but it doesnt show quite how hideous it is. I went to the doctor on Friday to try to figure out the cause of my ever present headache. Blood and urine tests later, they told me to sleep more, and wake up regularly. I get 6-7 hours a night...that's with me being slacker. My roommate has the flu, however, so hopefully I can avoid that one. I dont like/need/want to be sick. Other than that, Friday and Saturday were uneventful.

Last night we went out with Sarah and Austin and Daniel and we started out at Around the Corner. It was nice, I got a long island ice tea (mine was stronger and a doller cheaper than the LIIT that Steve got 2 minutes before me.) Sarah2 and her friend Autumn showed up at ATC and we moved on to Napertandys. The boys took a car bomb and a couple guinness and shared a snake bite, and I had a newcastle and -some- of a snakebite and some fries. On the way home, the guys decided to howl at the Moon Tower (we at State call it the Bell Tower =-p) and give me directions to Daniels house. They were wrong, and involved Capital Blvd....yeah.

Superbowl time. Steve's making up some nachos, and I'm gonna go make some brownies.

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  1. I didn't really like many of the commercials. The e*trade commercial with the toddler talking into the camera was funny and the sobe life water with the lizards dancing to thriller was, exactly what you said, WONdERFuL!

    I wish you were here cause I made, all of us ladies that were watching the Super Bowl with their SO/DH/etc, homemade Pom Poms!! Yeah, I'm a dork!

    I hope you feel betta!