Monday, February 4

Bruno vs Carrie Ann.

<--- This is my give-blood-looklikeadruggie-bruise. It's still really sore.

On to Bruno/Carrie Ann: Dance Wars
I cant help it. I love this show. Bruno is so viscious, and it reminds me of all the choreographers and dance instructors I've worked for and under. Dance shows are my guilty pleasure, more than reality tv. I heart my ANTM and my VH1 reality, but Dancing with the stars and NOW Dance Wars, gah..glory.

Reminds me of being little and watching FAME and wanting to dance more than anything else ever. I cant say I have the same burning passion for genetics or crafting, but their both pretty hot as opposed to red hot.

Webassign is not happy with me, and it wont open on IE, which is the only one I can open the JME editor on. Stupid thing. I'll get it. I just also have dinner to make, and I want to get through ALL of my notes for BCH tonite and make them into smaller flash papers.

I neeeeeeeeeeed bonding time with my sewing machine like woah. I have a super secret plan to put into place as soon as this week is over. So, yesh. I'm done for tonite.

- FAVORITE COMMERICAL REPORT: What is love pepsi Max: I sing and giggle everytime. It's sad, but yes, I would drink Pepsi max BECAUSE of the commercial...

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