Friday, June 25

Wherein I continue to fail at blogging.

I suppose this is an attempt (to pacify my mom's desire to constant peeks into my psyche) to get back to my blog. On my list of things to do, I managed to get a new tattoo...but I want it perfect before I post it up on the blog, an it's still healing.


I suppose it's a half-a** attempt at I'm only flying out to OKC by myself. I'm being picked up and driving back to NC with a friend, so no big there. However, it is my first flight by myself. I printed the ticket (again..this makes 3 copies) and will be on a flight at 4:45EST. I have a layover in Detroit. Exciting-ish.

Today marks a big change for me. I'm leaving my current position as an assistant chemist, and moving to a job at NCSU as a Research Technician Advanced. (my  mom seems quite enthralled with my title, and can't wait to start bragging..which amuses me greatly. I feel like I'm accomplished now. She's proud) It's also the end of some relationship drama that has been years in the making and years in the finishing.

I solemnly swear I will do my best to download an app for my phone to make my blogging more adventerous. Though, I did promise my mom I would keep a journal of the next few days to be able to read back on and see my insane state. Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and make it public when it's done.