Tuesday, February 16

Day 1.

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    Today was my first day without caffeine. I had a sprite with lunch, but all water other than that. No chocolate, not even a painkiller with caffeine. I got a  massive headache on the way to dinner, I think perhaps I scared Ted a bit with my bowling over. Tomorrow is the official start of Lent, but I had a very good reason to start today. More on that shortly, but I think I did pretty good today. 
Why, you ask, did I start my no caffeine today?

Well...Because TOMORROW, I start the paleodiet. What is this crazy diet? It's basically the food pyramid to the left. LOTS of fresh fruit and veggies, some protein, and a very small bit of butter/bread/potatos/carbs, etc. I've been getting some mixed reviews from it, some definite negative nellies, but I'm still excited about it. I plan to use this blog to keep up with what I've made/how far I've gotten, etc.

I'm looking forward to the challenge. It sounds interesting, get most of your calories from veggies, meats and eggs, not from processed "new foods. Only things cavemen could eat on their hunter/gather-er lifestyles. Fish..yes!, Diet coke...no :( I definitely plan on having some
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wiggle room, as I firmly believe that a "diet" is killer. The second I deprive myself of anything, is the second I don't change how I view food or how I live, but instead begin a yo-yo of weight loss and healthy-ness, which is NOT what I want to do. Wish me luck, leave me hints, etc.

Another added bonus of this week, and my new found drive to be healthy..I start crossfit on Thursday, with a full "start" on Monday. Crossfit is a workout that I've watched friends of mine do for years. They all seemed to love it, and everyone I know who goes, falls madly in love. I'm intrigued by it, because it's 30-45miutes of "the most intense workout" which leaves you feeling like your heart will explode and your stomach will jump out of your throat..apparently, (Again, I'll keep you updated on it all as I go.) It turns out that it is a VERY small world. There is a girl in Fayetteville that I went to NCSSM with, that is also a complete crossfit convert. After a few messages back and forth, she not only offered me her number and gave me all the details on how to get started, but made me feel perfectly welcome. perhaps I'll end up making a new set of friends in Fayetteville as well...

On that note...g'nite

Thursday, February 11

I'm all about a good bribe

The Apple curse has struck again. I am quickly becoming a mac-fiend. Ted has the new iPod shuffle (as seen - above) and, I must admit, I want it. Perhaps I only want it because it's a new toy and someone else has it, or maybe not.

I'm all about bribing myself, so here's the deal. I started running/jogging yesturday, and if I can do it at least 5 days a week, for an entire month (so, until St. Patricks Day) I can buy myself a new shiny iPod shuffle with little to no remorse. I'm looking forward to the idea.

Tuesday, February 2