Sunday, April 6

Busy Times a Comin

April 7: BCH exam
April 8th: Micro quiz,
April 11: term paper due

April 14: BCH Presentation

April 15: Lab practical, unknown paper due, ORGO quiz.
April 18: GN exam
April 21: work article due.
April 26: Bon's party
April 28: BCH final
April 30: GN Final.

May 1: Chem final
May 5: ZO Final
May 6: Dental Issues
May 7-9 recovering from Dental Issues.

May 10: amanda and emily gradumacate (as do all my BCH peeps!)

May 11: Mommy's Day!
May 12-16th: F Low Rida with my chicks
May 17-18: Movin into my super new digs
May 19th, Summer Classes Start.
May 23rd, It's my birthday! (and we gonna party like it!)

thats sans, homework, ZO lab papers, craft deadlines, etc. I'll make a final one this week, because it makes me feel good to mark em off, and I really want to make sure we get the apartment!

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