Sunday, March 30

Money Money Money Money!

My mom and dad gave me some money's for easter..soo, I bought the collection above. It's gorgeous. I also finished buying groceries or a few weeks and filled up my tank (hopefully that'll last for a while!) Take Rent/TWC out of the equation, and I'm back to being tight for extra cash. There's wiggle room for some crafty-endeavors. Luckily.

This week is going to be crazy, absolutely insane. I have 4 exams and 2 papers this week. I'm also PMSsing :( Not looking forward to this one. We're all going on vacay early May, before amanda and em and bon move far away, so that should be exciting. Then summer classes start (WAHHOOO there) I should be finished in the lab by mid/late May, so then I can have a real job and make real money. It'll be NICE!.

Im done procrastinating...not really. Im going to sit on my butt for a bit.

1 comment:

  1. I really like the cloths you bought with your easter money.

    We love You... Mom & Dad