Friday, June 27

New favorite pic of myself:

let see...long time. Sorry :(

Here's a quick shot of me and my mama and daddy at a scholarship dinner recently. Ain't we CCCCCCCCUTE?! I'm heading home soon to visit the fam and I could NOT be more excited! I love going home, and I had better get tons of super cute bragable pictures of all the bubbies! You can check back here to see how that's going!

Steve and I just got back from Jersey. His lil sister Kari (her burfday is the day before mine!) graduated from HS. They graduated 360 kids. That's astounding! I think we graduated a little over 100. We stayed a couple days and hung out with his friends and family, his grandpa and grandma came up to visit for her graduation. Good time, dontcha know. I slacked off taking pictures..I have lately at least. Quite Sad.

Here's a quick shot of Steve/Kari's Dad, Kari, Steve and their grandpa. Family resemblence? I think so.

One thing I have been doing successfully is planting up me some herbs! I have cilantro, dill, curled parsley and chives so far. The wee little pics below are my glowing babies. I am going to repot them soon, and get some more growing! YAY!

By the way: still supporting barack obama, cute pic of steve and I at the rally!

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  1. i've been growing herbs as well!


    actually almost the same kind!