Sunday, December 27

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

If it's good enough for George Washington to have a beer's good enough for me..Soo, we have Fraunces Tavern. We spent the afternoon at Fraunces Tavern, waiting for T's brother and sister-in-law to arrive. Wonderful people, they are. Absolutely wonderful. We had dinner with them at a pub across the street and then T and I wandered down to Rockefellar Center. We went up to the tippy top, where I got impaled and I got to play in the super awesome room making lots of fun colors. We took a pretty neat photo and got a couple magnets made of it. Did I mention the Charmin bathroom? Oh, oh yess, and Merlin the Magician and his puppy love at the tree? You'll have to wait for the photos on that one.

I know this is out of order..sue me. We wandered around the financial district Sunday morning. Stopping briefly for a hotdog, before wandering over to Battery Park. It was absolutely beautiful on sunday, gorgeous outside

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